Nekton Vision

Create a leading energy trading and brokerage firm

Decipher global trends ahead of our competitors, and capitalise through local contacts and expertise

Be part of the solution required by our partners, with a shared success from the end goal

Harness the flow of mainstream ideas to create our own direction

“The ability to bridge geopolitical differences is one of the most precious commodities in today’s complex world. The combination of the strength of our global relationships and the diverse skill set of our team sets us apart from our peers, and is key to our ultimate objective of resolving deadlocks that should not be there in the first place.”

Gerard Lopez Fojaca – Founder & Chairman

Create, through key partnerships and dedicated resources,
a leading energy trading and brokerage firm

Nekton Mission Statement

Nekton Values

Value relationships

We believe in relationships and partnerships built on trust and mutual success. Without them there is no business.

Think outside the box

We strive to always take perspective and look at the same issue from different angles.

Operate as a true meritocracy

We do not judge people on paper. We believe that empowering individuals with high goals brings out the best in them.

Take care of the environment

We engage in projects which apply the highest standards to environmental issues. Affiliated companies of ours are engaged in numerous clean technologies.

Generate synergies

We utilise the wide network of our affiliated and sister companies to provide a unique multiplier to our approach and ability to add value.

Nekton offices

Offices:DubaiHong KongLondon
Representation:Buenos AiresGeneva


A brief introduction
to Nekton: June 2015

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