Nekton Brokerage

The activity of Nekton Brokerage is focused on four core regions: Latin America, Africa, CIS and the Middle East. We have the ability to also activate relationships in other areas around the globe as required, for example South East Asia and China.

We look for opportunities where Nekton can position itself as a value-enhancing intermediary and where our unique trust-based relationships with governments and business leaders allow us to provide a cross-border solution to complex situations.

Transaction types Nekton has been involved in include:

Structured deal brokerage
Accounts receivable recovery
Strategic buy-side
Joint ventures
Asset sales
Capital raising

“Managing our resources efficiently requires discipline and perspective. In a business based on long term relationships and future upside, the desire to look solely through the windshield is sometimes very tempting. It is the practice of looking at the dashboard as well that produces the best long-term results”

Nekton Trading

Nekton Trading’s activity is focused on the supply and trade of a wide range of physical commodities. The team’s experience is geared towards structuring deals between established suppliers and new outlets through existing and new ventures. By applying our market knowledge, financial, technical and legal skills, we are able to optimise value for our counterparties.

Our products range from crude oil, refined products, gas and condensates, to petroleum products and specialties. Whilst our primary focus is on physical trading, we also trade in derivatives, in particular for the hedging of cargoes.

“Nothing is constant. Change happens. It is part of the evolutionary process. Change stimulates trade but creates risk. Risk is the recognition that change is inevitable. Success is achieved by planning for and adapting to change, by  accepting and minimising risks. We should plan for what will be, and not for what was”

Nekton Investments

Our objective is to invest our capital into projects that provide capital preservation, stable cash flow and growth. Strategically, we look at infrastructure, midstream and producing assets that benefit our current and future trading flows.

Nekton has entered into a joint venture with international investment group Rise Capital, with a focus on complex infrastructure projects in the Russian Federation.

Asset Tracing and Recovery

Nekton leads corporations and governments efforts to trace and recover international cross-border assets.

International asset recovery includes numerous processes such as the tracing, freezing, confiscation, and repatriation of proceeds stored in foreign jurisdiction.